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Welcome to our professional shooting range webpage. We are situated in Křakov near Domažlice in Czech Republic. Try not only classic shooting but also modern virtual shooting range. Enjoy animal hunting , organize a tournament or teambuilding. Adjust your visit according to your own plans!
+420 606 069 345

Biggest virtual shooting range in Czech Republic

50 meter long shooting range, shooting experience and excitement for the whole family for all generations. We have 4 ranges and arsenal of ammo and guns! Visit us in Křakov near Domažlice and see for yourselves! 

Virtual shooting range

You shoot with projectiles towards a screen where a various scenery is played. There is a safety area behind the screen, we use a thorough system that helps everything to be safe and unharmed.

Pick your scenario


4 ranges

You can place it from 6 to 50 meter tunnel.


50 m shooting range 50 m virtual shooting range
8 m screen


Even you’re the only one or there is twenty of you, it costs always the same. The maximum amount for the area of shooting range is 4, so if you are more, you can easily wait in café and watch the others on the TV screen, get some coffee or tea before your turn comes.

1 shooting hour

  • Capacity 1-4
  • Monday-Friday

  • You can pick a scenario according to your own choice and change it even - from hunting to action for real life experience.

  • Capacity 1-4
  • Saturday-Sunday

Rental Guns

Firearm rental offering

If you do not have your own gun, but you would like to visit and try it, you can choose from one of our rental guns. There is always an experienced instructor there with you. 


Shooting range booking

Write us an e-mail (info@shootingcentre.cz) or call us: +420 606 069 345