Shooting centre Seven Mountains

Where we are

In Křakov a small  village in Domažlice area, part of Miříkov village there is around 19 addresses and live there not more than 50 residents. There are no seven mountain, not even with binoculars to see. So at first you do not understand where the name came from. Shooting centre seven mountains with 50m long shooting range got its name from not a far national park Seven mountains.


It is an open wooded hall with beautiful floor, ceiling rafters and great eight meters long white screen. Width of the shooting range is 10 m and height is 3. 

Two storey building, long, light green house with freshly painted fasade behind its doors awaits our shooting arena. 


It is a family project of Josef Kopf, his father Josef ,brother-in-law Peter, his son Peter and grand-daughter and niece Adéla. In certain point it is a project of the whole family tree with other members. We all are huntsmen and are involved with the centre.

We got inspired in Germany and we got excited about the idea of virtual shooting range and we build it on our premises – shooting centre lies on our homestead.  


1 hour from Monday-Thursday costs 104 € with maximum 4 people in shooting range. It does not matter if you are 5 or 50, it always costs the same. The others can wait in café and watch the action through our TV sets. 

Of course you can. We have small caliber fire, shotguns and pistols.

Yes, there is a refreshment on the spot and we can organize an event for bigger groups. Call us and make a reservation.